Welcome to Scot & Sassenach! On this blog I will discuss all things Outlander, from Alba to Whisky. I hope to add more in-depth research, analysis and explanation of historic events, people, places and ideas mentioned throughout Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series and the Starz TV series of the same name.

This may look like the rules of shinty, a recipe for traditional bannocks, a profile of Bonnie Prince Charlie, or a look at the Scottish clan system. While reading the books and watching the show, I often find myself researching events further and looking for real history underlying the story. While Lallybroch may be fictional, 18th-century Scotland was real. Sometimes I may discuss characters and their traits and trades, talk about Scotland in general or even the actors’ other works. But the one thing this blog will NOT feature is gossip about the author and actors out of respect for their hard work and their privacy.

If you love Outlander, come in, sit down, and have a discussion and a dram of whisky with me.

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